Warehousing Services

At our state-of-the-art facility, we employ the latest in material-handling equipment. Our environmentally friendly, electronic forklifts and pallet movers are mounted with computers and we operate in a paperless environment using wireless mobile units enabling us to scan and track products throughout the warehouse and the order fulfillment process.

Our e-commerce division is able to provide same day service and the ability to fulfill the needs of both branded divisions and drop-ship partnership programs with an assortment of retailers.

Inventory Management

Using advanced warehouse management systems, our customers have online access to their inventory to help manage throughput and maximize sales. All freight is scanned in and out of locations at all times providing our customers with real time visibility for point of process transactions.

We understand the need for speed and accuracy to support the value of your brands and to ensure your customer's satisfaction when it comes to fulfilling orders for large retailers, smaller chains and individual consumers.